Where can I park my car for an overnight trip?

The airport has one large parking lot, for both long- and short-term parking, in front of the terminal. All spaces in the parking lot are within an easy walk to the ticket counter.

How much does it cost to park my car at the airport?

Stockton Metropolitan Airport charges $10/night for parking. Come and go during the day for free, but if the car remains overnight the $12 is assessed. No different on weekends. Anytime over 12 hrs there will be a charge. 

How do I book a flight out of the airport?

Passengers can book commercial air service through Allegiant Air. 
Allegiant provides commercial air service to Las Vegas and Phoenix-Mesa.
 All ticket pricing, flight schedules, and reservations are determined by the airlines. For more information or to book a flight visit www.allegiantair.com.

How can I check on my flight?

Check your flight status for Allegiant flights at allegiantair.com/flight-status.

How do I apply for a job at the airport?

Employment opportunities with Stockton Metropolitan Airport Operations, Maintenance, and Administration are posted on the San Joaquin County website at www.jobaps.com/sjq/sup/images/default.asp.

If you’re interested in positions with Allegiant Air, Atlantic Aviation, and Top Flight Grill and Catering  please contact them directly.

Where can I rent a car at the airport?

Due to COVID, there are not any car rentals serving the Stockton Metropolitan Airport.