General Aviation

Hangar Leasing Opportunities

If you’re looking for hangar or tie-down space for your aircraft, we can help. The Stockton Metropolitan Airport has hangars in varying sizes, many with electrical outlets and interior lighting. Tie-down spaces are also available. You’ll appreciate the fact that your aircraft is protected by a perimeter security gate system that requires an individually issued access badge for entry. A clean, well-lit ramp, and “front door” fuel delivery by truck are all reasons you’ll be glad you chose Stockton Metropolitan Airport. For more information on pricing and availability call the airport administration office at (209) 468-4700.

"A," "B" & "C"

$209/ MO
  • Height: 11'2"
  • Width: 39'
  • Length: 30'

"A," "B" & "C" (Larger End Units)

$218/ MO
  • Height: Extra 10' x 15' storage behind starboard wing
  • Width: Extra 10' x 15' storage behind starboard wing
  • Length: Extra 10' x 15' storage behind starboard wing

"D" (With Electricity)

$354/ MO
  • Height: 11'11"
  • Width: 42'
  • Height: 35'

"H" & "J"

$354/ MO
  • Height: 12'6"
  • Width: 42'
  • Length: 35'

Tie-Down Large Aircraft Parking

0 - 12,500 lbs

Tie-Down Large Aircraft Parking
$6.22/ DAY

12,500 - 100,000 lbs

Tie-Down Large Aircraft Parking
$28.61/ DAY

Over 100,000 lbs

Tie-down Large Aircraft Parking
$42.91/ DAY

0 - 12,500 lbs

Tie-Down Large Aircraft Parking
$70/ MO

12,500 - 100,000 lbs

Tie-Down Large Aircraft Parking
$270/ MO

Over 100,000 lbs

Tie-down Large Aircraft Parking
$430/ MO

Landing Fees

Landing Fees - (Excluding Based Aircraft)

Commercial Service/Commuter/Air Taxi & Cargo - Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Landings Certificated Maximum Gross Landing Weight
$1.10/ thousand lb

Landing Fees - (Excluding Based Aircraft)

Aircraft less than 12,500 lbs. GMLW
$10minimum / landing

Landing Fees - (Excluding Based Aircraft)

Itinerant Flight Schools Certificated Maximum Gross Landing Weight. (Flight schools may accumulate a total month's landing weight @ $1.10 per thousand pounds).
$1.10/ thousand lb

Fixed Base and Commercial Operations

If your aircraft needs service of any kind, you can rest assured you’ll find what you need at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The Stockton Metropolitan Airport hosts a wide variety of service providers making it, truly, your one stop service center. You can have your annual done, get major engine and airframe work performed, and while you’re at it, have the prop serviced. It’s all available at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. Unlike some of those overcrowded bay area airports, landing at Stockton is a breeze and you won’t have to worry about long waits for most services. So find out what countless others from throughout California have discovered; Stockton Metropolitan Airport has it all.

Aero Turbine - Aero Turbine Flight Center

6800 S. Lindbergh St.
Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 983-1112

Description: Jet engine repair & aircraft hangar facility.

Atlantic in Stockton

6364 S. Lindbergh St., #10
Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 982-1622

Description: Full service FBO including fuel service, pilot lounge, hangar & tie-down space, aircraft wash & wax, and various pilot services.

Big Valley Aviation

7535 S. Lindbergh St.
Stockton, CA 95206

Description: Helicopter repair & maintenance facility.

Commander Services

2491 American Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545

(510) 783-3028

Description: Aeronautical Service Provider.

Delta Aviation Services L.P.

1920 E. Sikorsky St.
Stockton, CA 95206

(650) 968-0102

Description: Aircraft hangar rental/lease/sales company.

Farmington Fresh, Inc.

P.O. Box 30667
Stockton, CA 95213

(209) 983-9700

Description: On-airport cold storage produce packing facility with shipments around the world by air-cargo service.

Mecca Equipment

6500 & 6580 S. Lindbergh St.
Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 983-0128

Description: Storing and servicing of heavy equipment.

Stockton Aviation Services

1324 N. Lincoln St.
Stockton, CA 95203

(209) 983-0117

Description: Aircraft hangar rental/lease/sales company.

RJ Tutt Aviation

P.O. Box 691616
2050 E. Sikorsky St.
Stockton, CA. 95206

(209) 478-7433

Description: Piston & turbo-propeller fixed wing flight training-aircraft management.

Top Gun Aviation

6100 S. Lindbergh St.
Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 983-8082

Description: Aircraft repair & maintenance facility specializing in Mooney, Cirrus, and Piper.

Vintage Aircraft Co.

7432 C.E. Dixon St.
Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 982-0273

Description: Antique aircraft repair & restoration facility and museum.

Wolfe Aviation

2050 East Sikorsky Street
Stockton, CA 95206

(209) 983-0117

Description: Delivering professional aircraft consulting and aircraft management solutions.

Airport Facts

37° 54′ N – 121° 14′
General Assoc. City: Stockton
Owner: County of San Joaquin
Airport Elevation: 30′
Acres: 1,549
Landing Fee: $1.10 per 1,000# MGLW
Ramp-Pkg. Fee: $55 per operation under 100,000 lbs
Runway Ident: 11L-29R
Landing Length: 8,650′ – 11L-29R
Take-Off Distance Available (TODA): 8,650′ – 29R
Width: 150′
Surface: ASPH – PFC
Runway Declared Distance:
Rwy 11L: TORA-9,600′ TODA-8,650′ ASDA-9,650′ LDA-8,650′
Rwy 29R: TORA-10,037′ TODA-8,650′ ASDA-9,701′ LDA-8,701′


ATIS 118.25 (209) 982-4667
APP/DEP.CON 125.1 – 127.75 – 123.85
Oakland Center 126.85
Tower – CTAF – 120.3
GND CON 121.9
Unicom 122.95
FSS: 122.4
ServicesFuel: 100LL – Jet A (Storage 50,000 gals.)
Oxygen: HIGH 1,3
Airframe: Major
Powerplant: Major
ARFF: Index B staffed
Index C equipped
Law Enforcement – On Field Availability
Airspace: Class D – 0700-2100 lcl
Control TWR: (209) 982-4744
FSS: 1-800-992-7433