Doing Business at SCK

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The Airport

  • Primary ILS runway is 8,650 x 150-feet

  • Air carrier gates directly adjoin the 44,355 sq. ft. terminal building

  • New $3-million passenger hold room accommodates 367 persons offering plenty of room for new airline service

  • Situated on 1,549 acres of land


  • Lowest landing fees of any California Airport

  • No takeoff and landing curfews

  • Federal grants available

  • Five-year, $27 million capital improvement plan in progress

Located at the main entrance to the Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Airmetro Business Park

The Airmetro Business Park is the first thing people see as they enter the airport, making it the ideal place to locate your business. We are centrally located between Highway 99, which is 1.8 miles to the east, and Interstate 5, 1.5 miles to the west, which makes access for arriving and departing trucks fast and convenient. 

The Business Park is located within an established Enterprise Zone and, as part of the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, has been designated FTZ #231 along with the Port Of Stockton.