Noise Management

Stockton Metropolitan Airport is committed to reducing the effects and exposure of aircraft noise whenever possible. If the community has questions or comments about specific aircraft operations or noise issues associated with this airport, please let us know.

We appreciate your input and concern but please be aware the airport does not control aircraft flight patterns, it’s the responsibility of the Federal Aviation Administration. We will investigate your compliant, if we think your complaint requires a response, we will respond to you.

We are glad to forward your complaints, file them as an historical record, and work with the FAA as they consider different flight patterns, but the airport does not and cannot control flight procedures, nor can we restrict aircraft from using the airport. Since we are a public use airport and are federally funded, we must comply with federal grant assurances regarding aircraft usage. If you see an aircraft you believe is violating a flight procedure, such as flying too low or too close to residential areas, you should call the Oakland Flight Safety District Office (OAK FSDO) at 510-748-0122. The FSDO will want to know the time, type aircraft, N-number if possible, and general location.

Thank you for submitting your complaint with Stockton Metropolitan Airport. If your comment requires a response, a response will be provided.

Noise Complaint Form

Thank you for taking your time to inform us.