Update on Stockton Metro Airport Activities

Stockton Metropolitan Airport is off to a strong start in 2016. Harry Mavrogenes, airport director, updated the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors on activities at the airport in the following memo.
Highlights include information about the airport’s newest tenant, American Transport International; the popularity of the Allegiant flight between Stockton and San Diego; and the status of the Federal Inspection Station.

M e m o r a d u m 

To: Board of Supervisors 

From: Harry S. Mavrogenes, Airport Director 

Subject: Action Update on Airport Activities 

Date: January 28, 2016 

It has been a very busy week at Stockton Metropolitan Airport.Our newest tenant, American Transport International, Inc. (ATI) and its official ground-handling group, have been making preparations for full air cargo services next week and are moving in.In addition to placing a 15,000 square foot tent on the air cargo ramp as their temporary facility, they have leased 1,400 square foot of office space in our terminal building.We have been working closely with the building department and public works on obtaining proper permits for the temporary tent and fully expect that everything will be ready to go for their first flight on Monday, February 1.

The ATI team has been great to work with.We have been processing badges and clearances for their staff, arranging security (at their cost), employee parking, and a variety of other issues.They are committed to a three-stage program.The first being the temporary operation with the tent; a second phase within the year of leasing existing warehouse spaces in the immediate area, and then eventually moving into permanent space on the Airport grounds.It is my belief that this relationship will grow significantly over the next several years and lead to other air cargo interests

Our other partner, Allegiant Airlines, has found that the San Diego flights are very popular. Allegiant has posted $220 million in net profits in 2015.I have attached an article on this below:  Allegiant Airline Article 

With all of the announcements about our air service success, we are continuing to work with our architect and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol on the design of the Federal Inspection Station (FIS) facility to accommodate international service from Stockton.

While being very cooperative and providing input on design, local staff of USCBP has been less cooperative on staffing cost issues.We plan on having schematic level drawings to take with us on the One Voice trip to Washington and meet with the USCBP headquarters staff where we hope to resolve the staffing issues.

In the design process, we are also looking at ways of integrating an improved baggage operating system that can accommodate both domestic and international traffic.Combining the baggage component will save money and help offset some of the cost increases that are being created by USCBP requirements.

On the Super Bowl front and as of today, Atlantic Aviation has received reservation requests from eight private jets to park at Stockton for the Super Bowl event.

Finally, I have attached a news clip from Channel 13 CBS News which aired on Tuesday night covering all of the things going on at the Airport.

Stockton Airport CBS 13 News 

If you have additional questions, please call me at 468-4709.

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