Stockton Airport Recognized by Supervisor Winn in His State of the County Address

Don’t miss this news coverage of the State of the County address by San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors Chairman Chuck Winn that included Stockton Metropolitan Airport:
Stockton Record: Winn: Exciting time of progress and opportunity

One of the most exciting developments over the past year, Winn said, was the expansion of services and facilities at Stockton Metropolitan Airport, which includes additional flights and the possibility of international travel to and from the hub.

Lodi News-Sentinel: Supervisor Chuck Winn touts San Joaquin’s growth in State of the County address:

Winn said one the most exciting developments of the year was the expansion of services and facilities at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, which included additional passenger flights as well as terminal and runway improvements that now accommodate four aircraft instead of one.

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