A newly released report from the University of the Pacific (UOP) reveals that the total San Joaquin County-wide economic impact of Stockton Metropolitan Airport is in excess of a half billion dollars. Economic Impact Study 2 “This report captures the significant economic role that Stockton Airport serves in the Stockton and San Joaquin Valley region,”...
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How can air cargo serve the growers of San Joaquin County?Harry Mavrogenes, Stockton Metropolitan Airport director, discusses the potential benefits of air cargo in a guest column published in the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Federation’s most recent newsletter. Below it is reprinted in its entirety. Developing Stockton Metropolitan Airport’s Air Cargo Services Benefits Local Growers...
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For the fourth consecutive year, members of the aviation community will gather outside of California’s State Capitol to promote the benefits of flight to citizens, local communities, businesses, and the overall economy of California. The event, hosted by the Association of California Airports, will be held on Wednesday, April 20, from 11 a.m. to 2...
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The reconstruction of a large portion of the general aviation ramp at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport was one of four county transportation projects that were the focus of a trip to Washington, D. C., by a delegation of representatives from San Joaquin County businesses, governments and agencies.The delegates, theStockton Record reports, spent three days in...
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