Stockton Metropolitan Airport

January 28 2016

Stockton Airport Aims to go International

Don’t miss this segment by CBS13 Newson future plans for Stockton Metropolitan Airport:
Stockton Airport Aims To Go International, Attract Los Angeles FlightTraffic
The Stockton Metropolitan Airport is seeing more flights and has big plans to expand after a nearly $10 million bond from the county. . . .
March 16 2016

Airport Funding Update

Here’s an article from the Stockton Record about recent changes in how Stockton Metropolitan Airport is funded.
Accounting may change, but airport funding remains
The Stockton Metropolitan Airport will not lose any future funding due to proposed accounting changes that reallocate six years’ worth of unsecured property tax revenue to the general fund, according to San Joaquin County Administrator Monica Nino.
Rather, the airport will receive the same amount of funding —$1.275 million —during the next fiscal year as it had in previous years, she said. . . .
April 16 2016

SJ County looks to Air cargo for lift

Don’t miss this Stockton Record article about air cargo service by Reed Fuji.
SJ County looks to air cargo for lift
Nearly every day this month about noon, a giant air freighter has touched down at Stockton Metropolitan Airport and taxied to the northeast side of the airfield. There it discharged its cargo onto waiting trucks. …

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