20 Things to do During Shelter in Place

  1. Make an activity jar and each day have a family member pull from the jar for the day’s activities

  2. Binge-watch your favorite show on the streaming platform of your choice

  3. Watch all of the Marvel Universe/Star Wars/Harry Potter films in order of timeline

  4. Get dressed up super fancy and have a nice candle-lit dinner

  5. If you have a yard (front or back) Pack up a picnic basket (weather permitting) and have a picnic. If you don’t have a yard, make it an indoor picnic! Layout your blanket and pack up your basket.

  6. Play some board games

  7. Build a puzzle

  8. Read: Either individually or pick a book to read together as a family – a little each day/night (the Iliad perhaps?)
  1. Learn a new language! There are so many great online resources

  2. Garden – Those seeds have been waiting to get planted

  3. Exercise/Meditate – YouTube has some great videos that you can follow along with at home

  4. Decorate – Now is a great time to pull out those extra cans of paint in the garage and freshen up that bookshelf or accent wall. Maybe you just want to rearrange the furniture a bit? Sky’s the limit.

  5. Did someone say garage? Organize that garage/basement/attic…Look at all the space you will have for activities now
  1. Sew – Who doesn’t want a nifty scarf?

  2. Pedicures/Manicures – Turn your living room into a day spa: Have fun with it

  3. Spring cleaning – Declutter and organize! What lives in those “junk drawers”? Dust off all of those fan blades and wipe down those base boards and windows
  1. Face time those friends and family members that you are longing to see

  2. Build a fort

  3. For the little ones – Education during this time is important, think of some ways that you can teach your kids some fundamentals .
    a. Kids 1-4 (ABC’s & 123’s) Take some hot wheels or their favorite toys and tape numbers to them. Make parking spots out of other papers with the same numbers and have them match them up. This can be used for letters too.
    b. Kids 5-7 (Read, practice math, there’s lots of online tools, play go fish)
    c. Kids 9-12 (Read, practice math, there’s lots of online tools – teach them how to do their laundry and organize their closet) d. Kids 13-17 (Perfect time for some fundamentals – How to balance a checkbook, pay bills, change the oil in a car)
  1. Last but not least, take a moment to stop and think of something you’re thankful for!

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